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100ml Glyde Lubricant Bottle


This compact pop-top style bottle of lube is great for keeping by the bed, or in your purse or bag to make sure you're prepared for some well lubricated and safe fun wherever you find yourself!

Glyde Premier Personal Lubricant is water-based, making them compatible with the entire Glyde range of sexual health products on the YEAH Shop.

All Glyde lube comes with a 5 year expiry so you've got plenty of time to use it all up!

100ml bottle not enough? Grab the 500ml pump pack - the perfect night stand companion - for just $15. 

All YEAH Shop orders are sent discreetly in plain packaging. Your transaction will appear as 'YEAH' own your statement if you use a credit/debit card for purchase.

** If you wish to order in bulk please send an email to **

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